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Its mission: to find lasting solutions to homelessness, hunger, poverty, and social injustice.This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser.Several big names in the Bitcoin community will speak at d10e Amsterdam, including Roger Ver, Jeff Garzik, Brock Pierce and Jason King.

He is an activist at heart, and wants to be at the ground zero of activism.Homeless advocate and Bitcoin evangelist Jason King runs across America to bring attention to how the open nature of virtual currencies can help solve poverty.

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Jason King (left) and Steven Dakh, co-founder of KryptoKit, posing with the Bitcoin Across America bus during a stop in Austin, Texas.Jason King runs across the US to raise awareness about homelessness and Bitcoin. Jason King.

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We talked the leading names in the industry and got interviews from the.Jason Coupon King is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC.Unsung.org has announced the release of its iOS app on October 21.The Texas Bitcoin Association runs the Texas Bitcoin Conference and other events to showcase and advance blockchain technology, innovation and adoption.CoinTalk headed out to the Inside Bitcoins Conference Las Vegas in mid December 2013.More than 500 members of the Bitcoin international community will be attending to discuss and make.

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Jason stumbled across Bitcoin in early 2010 driven by a deep interest in distributed and P2P networks.

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While many parents spend their weekday mornings getting their children on the school bus and heading off to work, 34-year-old Jason King uses the hours before noon to.In light of the situation, Jason wanted to help by keeping the homeless shelter open and serving the hungry.The plight of homelessness in Pensacola is worse than other parts of the U.S. for one very frightening reason.

From there, Jason has dedicated his life to raising awareness for the homeless, and also becoming an advocate for the less fortunate.

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